Fools, it's time to get back in the market. With interest rates yielding 1% to 2%, and the threat of inflation looming on the horizon, it's time to take advantage of today's great stock opportunities! That's why we're announcing our new series "11 O'Clock Stock."

Starting July 26, check at 11 a.m. ET. We'll be finding a new great stock idea every weekday for the next 50 days. The best part? We're doing it for free, to fulfill our mission of helping you get better investment returns.

Watch the video below for a special announcement on the series, then read on below:

Why invest now? Investors have given up faith in the market. Worse yet, the crash has made people lose faith in their own abilities. David and I decided to challenge our team of analysts to prove that investing in the market is still exciting, that there are still great stocks providing amazing returns. Our experts will search the full spectrum: Whether in technology, media, retail, international, domestic, large caps, or small caps, we'll be scouring the market for exciting opportunities.

Not only that, but to prove how much we believe in getting back into the market, we'll also be investing $50,000 of our own money into these stocks!

So come back to at 11 a.m. ET every weekday for a new stock. In addition to the pick, we'll have a video up on the site with one of our analysts discussing the stock. We think we've got some huge winners lined up for investors out there.

To see a list of all the stocks we've recommended, click here.