We all know we should be investing in China, now the world's second-largest economy with annual growth rates of 10%-11%. Within a couple of decades, its economy will likely be larger than the United States'. If you don't want to throw your money to a local Chinese firm, consider Coach (NYSE: COH), the fashion icon known for its stylish handbags and fashion accessories. It is just starting to dip its toe in Chinese waters, a luxury handbag and accessory market that will grow into a $6 billion market by 2013. Currently less than 10% of Coach's sales are in China, and its brand awareness is far less than in the United States. It won't be that way for long. Stock Advisor Associate Advisor Andy Cross thinks investors looking to benefit from a burgeoning Chinese middle class should check out Coach.

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At the time of publication, Andy Cross had purchased a Coach handbag and gloves, although not for himself nor in China, but he did not own the stock. Coach is a Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation.