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We're upping the ante even more next week. Not only will we recommend our usual batch of picks, there will be two new changes.

Win free stuff!
Motley Fool Stock Advisor associate advisors Andy Cross and Alex Scherer will make selections next week. To encourage everyone to get involved, we're going to give away a free subscription to Stock Advisor every day for the best comment on each article. Either fire away with a question or leave a comment with your thoughts on that day's recommendation. Either way, someone will walk away with a free one-year subscription to Stock Advisor.

We're going short
On Friday, Motley Fool forensic accountant John Del Vecchio and analyst Matt Argersinger will make a short selection. While we're excited about the long-term prospects of the stock market and buying opportunities around great companies, there are always stocks trading at undeserved levels. Next week, Del Vecchio and Argersinger will select one stock they think investors should be on the lookout for.

So, keep coming back to Fool.com to see "11 O'Clock Stock" every day. We've already made 20 picks and we're just getting warmed up.

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