We've tasked our team of analysts to go out there and find 50 great stocks to invest in, and every weekday at 11 a.m. ET on Fool.com, you can see a video where the analysts defend their picks! We give you 24 hours to buy, and then we buy it the next day. We wanted to prove that despite tough economic times, great companies still exist that can generate fantastic returns for their shareholders. For the past eight weeks, we've been proving that great companies still exist with our selections like large-cap stocks Wal-Mart and Qualcomm all the way down to lesser-known small caps like Contango Oil & Gas and Madison Square Garden.

We're starting to hit the homestretch, so come back to Fool.com every weekday to invest along with us as we unveil more stock picks. Join in on the conversation with our analysts in the comments section, and follow along with our CAPS profile that tracks the portfolio against the market.

For more information about the series, watch the video with 11 O'Clock Stock host Erin Corr.