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Chris Hill: All right, guys, let's go around the table and talk about the stocks on our radar. Tim Hanson, we will start with you.

Tim Hanson: Well as everyone knows who has been investing, it has been a pretty dismal decade for stocks. They ended 2009, ended the calendar decade for the first time ever in the red, on a total return basis. This has been very bad news for the asset management business, and one of the stocks on my radar is T. Rowe Price (Nasdaq: TROW), which are actually our asset managing friends up I-95 in Baltimore. They have got a nice international business, and my hypothesis is that the next 10 years will be kinder to stocks than the last 10, and that will help rejuvenate their asset management, or their asset-collecting ways.

Hill: James?

James Early: Chris, I am thinking of a greasy cesspool where one can rub elbows with all manner of humanity. In other words, McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) (laughter) which just raised its dividend 11% and has my attention. It now yields about 3%, and as much as I don't eat there, I appreciate that a lot of people do. It is a very strong offering, a very strong brand; 36% return on equity and 18% return on capital. I like it.

Hill: Once again, I have to comment on what I can only assume is just great inner turmoil with you constantly eyeing these stocks that are the antithesis of the healthy, organic life that you live.

Seth Jayson: James: "On the one hand, they poison the environment and school children. On the other hand, the yield is 6%."

Hill: "What a nice dividend!"

Hanson: "Check out that return on capital!"

Jayson: McDonald's should also be one of those companies Tim likes, right? Because of all its international exposure?

Hanson: It's true. McDonald's is No. 1 in Brazil for hamburger sales. They are doing very well there. They have outlets all over Asia and Europe as well. It's a popular concept with a lot of staying power.

Early: And I think in Brazil, not to hammer home Chris' point, but I think that they chopped down the rainforest so they can graze cows for McDonald's beef, right? So that sort of ...

Jayson: Let's hope not.

Hanson: That I don't know, that I don't know.

Early: I think it is true.

Hill: Seth Jayson?

Jayson: I talked a little at the top of the hour about computers being one of the bright points in that durable goods order report, and so I have got a computer-related stock for you, Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI), which makes all sorts of peripherals. Also fancy remotes, and kind of been smacked around lately; free cash flow yield of about 9.2%. Historically done pretty well, has some room for margin expansion, has already started that despite the kind of lackluster sales environment. Trading at $15 a share, I think you can do worse. A lot of international exposure as well.

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