In today's comic, Fool contributor Daniel Joshua Rubin takes on the recent brouhaha between New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the American Beverage Association over a proposal to ban those who receive food stamps from using them to purchase soda. With millions of New Yorkers receiving food stamps, do you feel this ban could ultimately affect the bottom line of leading beverage producers such as Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) and PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP)? Please leave your comments below.

The author holds no stock in any of the companies mentioned. Coca-Cola is a Motley Fool Inside Value recommendation. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are Motley Fool Income Investor recommendations. Motley Fool Options has recommended a diagonal call position on PepsiCo. The Fool owns shares of Coca-Cola. True to its name, The Motley Fool is made up of a motley assortment of writers and analysts, each with a unique perspective; sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, but we all believe in the power of learning from each other through our Foolish community. The Fool has a disclosure policy.