Wall Street is anything but immune from the woes of Main Street -- so in the wake of the latest foreclosure mess, experts are predicting that the market could take a hit. Even as banks are starting to lift their foreclosure suspensions, it's becoming apparent that the damage may already be done.

Suddenly, investors who were snapping up and flipping foreclosed homes are squeamish about buying, and with good reason.

For one, they're not going to purchase these homes unless they're pretty certain they can sell them, and quickly.

Two, if the foreclosure debacle worsens the already-depressed state of the housing market, these homes could be even cheaper next year, so why not hold off until then?

And three, given the uncertainty surrounding mortgage titles, how do these investors even know they legally own the property? What's more, their title insurance may not even cover them if past owners come crawling out of the woodwork to reclaim what's technically still theirs.

These investors have played a huge part in clearing the surplus inventory of homes; and if they're not buying, total home sales could slow dramatically.

It's a gloomy picture, to be sure -- but could investors be overreacting to the housing market's woes? That's a tough question -- so we took a look at what the insiders are doing to get some answers ...

Here's a list of housing stocks that have seen substantial insider buying over the last few weeks. If company management is continuing to buy its own stock, it's a good sign that the bad news might already been priced in, and it's only a matter of time before things start looking up.

These executives seem to think the worst is over for the housing market -- do you? (Click here to access free interactive tools to analyze these ideas.)

Insider trading data sourced from AOL Money. The list has been sorted alphabetically.



Insider Trend

Cousins Properties (NYSE: CUZ)

Real Estate Investment Trust

Insiders like Lawrence Gellerstedt (CEO) and Taylor Glover (Chairman) bought $709,733 worth of stock between 8/12-8/24

Winthrop Realty Trust (NYSE: FUR)

Real Estate Investment Trust

Insiders like Michael Ashner (CEO) and Lee Seidler (Director) collectively bought about $2.46M worth of stock between 8/13-9/27

Gordmans Stores (Nasdaq: GMAN)

Home Furnishing Stores

Insiders like Debra Kouba (Officer), Richard Heyman (CTO), Jeffrey Gordman (CEO), Johanna Lewis (Officer), Michael James (CFO), and Michael Morand (Officer) collectively bought $532,221 worth of stock between 8/11-9/27.

Lennar (NYSE: LEN)

Residential Construction

Sidney Lapidus (Director) bought $97,500 worth of stock on 8/19

La-Z-Boy (NYSE: LZB)

Home Furnishings & Fixtures

Edwin Holman (Director) bought $20,568 worth of stock on 8/31

MFA Financial (NYSE: MFA)

Real Estate Investment Trust

Insiders like William Steven Gorin (President), Robin Josephs (Director), and Timothy Korth (General Counsel) collectively bought $136,778 worth of stock between 8/5-8/26

Select Comfort (Nasdaq: SCSS)

Home Furnishings & Fixtures

Jean Michel Valette (Director) bought $130,000 worth of stock on 8/27

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