Now that we've chased the last of the egg-heaving trick-or-treaters off our lawn, it's time to turn our attention to November.

Forget about tomorrow's elections -- and the effect they may have on the market. There will be plenty of market-shaping events taking place this month. Here are a few of the days that I plan to approach with eyes wide open this month.

Nov. 4
Is Howard Stern leaving satellite radio? Can Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) score its fifth consecutive breakeven quarter? Will CEO Mel Karmazin justify his company's stock hitting a two-year high on Friday?

Sirius XM reports its third-quarter results Thursday morning, and most -- if not all -- of those questions will be answered by then.

Karmazin told investors during the company's second-quarter call that an announcement on Stern's fate would come before its next call. Stern's contract ends next month, so Sirius XM is either going to peel back the curtain this week as originally promised or keep the cliffhanger going.

Thursday morning will also bring the shipping debut of Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) bar-raising motion-based controller. Kinect for the Xbox will likely suffer from its stiff $149 price tag, but the hype is there. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is also gaining momentum as the console of choice in recent months.

However, if the lower priced PlayStation Move failed to turn the fortunes around of the moribund video game industry, it's going to be hard for Kinect to save the day.

The real savior, though, may come less than a week later.

Nov. 9
The hottest gaming franchise is Activision Blizzard's (Nasdaq: ATVI) Call of Duty. Its previous installment shattered the industry's initial sales records last November.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to be a big seller, but will it be enough to topple the runaway success of last year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? The installed base of Xbox 360 and PS3 owners is larger, so the odds are in its favor.

The gaming industry can use some good news as it heads into the juicy holiday shopping season. Actvision Blizzard has the ammo to make it happen.

Nov. 19
Is it an expensive e-reader or a cheap tablet?

Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) will begin shipping its NOOKcolor on Nov. 19. Featuring a full-color 7-inch touchscreen running Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Android, the $249 price point makes it either dirt cheap as a pint-sized tablet or pricey at nearly double the ransom of entry-level dedicated e-readers.

This could be huge for the struggling bookseller, especially as it opens the door for graphical textbooks and children's picture books that are missing some serious zing on conventional grayscale e-book readers.

The one caveat here is that Barnes & Noble ran behind on last year's launch of its original Nook device. It can't afford to miss this do-or-die holiday season.

Nov. 22
Every Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) report matters, but there will be some extra attention this time around.

Three months ago, HP reported its quarterly results against the backdrop of Mark Hurd's shocking dismissal. Since that time, HP outbid Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) for 3Par and left many shareholders scratching their heads over tapping Leo Apotheker as its new CEO.

There's also the recent rollout of the Palm Pre 2 in France, with a stateside introduction coming soon.

HP's performance will be weighed against fears that it may have overpaid for Palm, ArcSight, and 3Par earlier this year. Concerns that it may have come up short in rifling through SAP's discards for a new CEO will also likely creep into the analysis.

HP will no longer get a free pass from a jaded investing community, though it clearly remains extremely relevant as a tech bellwether.

Nov. 26
Black Friday is the official launch of the holiday shopping season.

Between door-buster deals for early risers and retailers checking their prices against their online and offline competitors, this may be the economy's biggest test in proving that the country has finally gotten over the brutal recession.

Be careful out there.

What will you be looking forward to this month? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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