(Nasdaq: AMZN) is ready to make a bigger splash in consumer nondurables.

Following its nose, Amazon will be paying $500 million in cash and assume $45 million in debt to acquire Quidsi. The deal nabs the country's leading online retailer the parent company of and Quidsi also recently launched and reportedly had plans to launch a toy-specific virtual storefront next year.

This isn't simply a matter of Amazon buying into companies with generic domain names that are conducive to e-tail. It would have acquired (Nasdaq: DSCM) or (Nasdaq: OSTK) long before it would have snapped up Zappos or launched

Amazon is buying into a company that could have morphed into the Amazon of consumer nondurables before it has a chance to delve deeper into groceries and sundry items. and pride themselves on stocking a wide variety of namesake products at low prices. Taking a page out of Amazon's playbook for subsidized fulfillment, both sites offer free speedy delivery for orders meeting minimum price requirements.

It's never been about the value of a domain name with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. What does the Amazonian rainforest have to do with merchandising? High-end jeweler Blue Nile (Nasdaq: NILE) and Liberty Interactive's (Nasdaq: LINTA) are other great examples of successful e-tailers that thrived with unusual domains.

Another move that may have factored into Amazon's buy decision is that Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) was reportedly bidding on the company, too. Amazon's in a good groove these days. Net sales soared 39% in its latest quarter. The e-tailing behemoth has positive momentum heading into the holidays, and the last thing it needs is for the world's largest bricks-and-mortar chain to gain some dot-com street cred.

This morning's press release doesn't reveal if the Quidsi purchase will be accretive or dilutive to earnings, but it's at the very least a sound tactical move on Amazon's part.

Succeeding in e-tail isn't just about organic growth. Every so often you have to beat the competition to change a stinky diaper.

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