This is going to be a huge week for fresh meat.

As long as the volatile market complies, General Motors, government consultant Booz Allen, and casino operator Caesars should all be public companies by the end of the week.

Last week may have been tame by comparison, but market watchers did get a few new ticker symbols to memorize.

Let's go over last week's debutantes.




Nov. 15


RDA Microelectronics (NYSE: RDA)

Nov. 10




Noah (Nasdaq: NOAH)

Nov. 10




Inphi (Nasdaq: IPHI)

Nov. 11




Complete Genomics (Nasdaq: GNOM)

Nov. 11




Source: Hoover.

With the exception of Complete Genomics -- a DNA sequencing specialist that was hoping to price its offering as high as $14 a share before settling for $9 a share and then going on to tumble lower in its first two days of trading -- it was a good week to go public.

RDA Microelectronics, Noah, and Inphi are rewarding investors who were fortunate enough to get in on the IPO with big gains. They join upscale grocer Fresh Market (NYSE: TFM), home soft drink carbonator SodaStream (Nasdaq: SODA), and bottled water distributor Primo Water (Nasdaq: PRMW) in going public this month.

RDA is a Chinese designer of semiconductors whose stock opened above its offer price at $10 last week and hasn't looked back. Inphi, on the other hand, is a California-based chip designer.

Noah toils away in wealth management, but it does so in China. In other words, managing money in a company with a booming economy should be more lucrative than doing so stateside.

History may well forget when all of these intriguing companies went public. In retrospect, investors will largely remember November as the month when GM finally bounced back with a clean enough balance sheet to hopefully get it right.

That's fine. Let them have GM. I'll keep my eyes on the more interesting starting lines with fewer crowds watching from the stands.

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