Every time a new year approaches, it's popular practice for people to make resolutions. Lose weight, save money, find a significant other-those are just a few of the popular ones people like to try out every year.

The popularity of smartphones and apps means these longtime resolution staples can now be achieved through the ease of technology. Here are a few apps that can help anyone make that resolution dream, a reality.

1. Lose weight
Weight Watchers
(NYSE: WTW) is one of the most established brands in weight loss dieting and planning. Its free app not only has the standards of a calorie counter (in Weight Watchers, calories are actually called points) and progress tracking through daily diaries, it's also heavily involved in health recommendations. The app has more than 31,000 food options. On the fitness side, 24 Hour Fitness not only tracks your body mass index and calories. It also shows you where the closest health clubs are located, with details and class schedules. Or try iFitness, which has instructions for nearly every exercise possible.

2. Save money
Pageonce Bills' helps users keep track of every single bill they have to pay. It sends push notifications a few days in advance of when the bill is due. In a simple pie chart, it also shows users' how much a particular bill takes up in their budget. Mint is another popular personal finance app. This one puts all of a user's financial information in one place: checking, savings accounts, bills, and investments. It gives real-time updates and tells users when they have gone over their budgets. On top of keeping a budget, it shows a real-time cash flow.

3. Find a significant other
Popular dating websites EHarmony, Plenty of Fish, and Match.com, have brought their services to an app. If someone has a subscription with one of those sites, it carries over into the app. Dating DNA is a free app with all of the dating website standards: compatibility matching, location radar, and free messaging. DateChat is not as involved as those sites, but it does let people talk with other singles in a chat room. There are also apps for gay and lesbian singles (iDate Gay) and those who are looking for something more "adult" (iSin).

4. Learn a new language
The learning language software standard bearer, Rosetta Stone (NYSE: RST), brings its TOTALe service to the app format. Those with the accompanying service, which includes a full on interactive language course, can use it on the Apple iPhone. Learn a Language With Michel Thomas is an option for the non-Rosetta Stone users. The app has users learn how to speak French, Spanish, Italian, or German by the famous linguist, who has taught numerous celebrities and has been featured in a documentary. His method goes against standard memorization tactics as it involves learning through audio only. As it says, "You listen, he explains, you speak."

5. Take a trip
Where (yes, that's the name) is for those who want to go on a road trip. It uses GPS technology and location-based services to help users find the closest nearby cheapest gas prices, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It also gives users real-time traffic updates, news, and weather updates and includes Groupon-like discounts for nearby places. TripAdvisor and Yelp have two other similar apps and unlike Where include non-North American cities. Flight Tracker is a useful app for those who travel by air; it includes information for every single flight in the world. GateGuru is another airplane app, which includes airport maps and concourse information. It also lets users find the cheapest flight available. Most major airlines also have their own apps.

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