Fools were out and about this week in an investing world jampacked with actions and ideas. Here are three articles you might find useful as you decide how to invest your money.

The Secret to Retiring a Millionaire
Young people might have less money to invest and less experience in the market, but they have one thing the older generation does not: time. Unfortunately, the market meltdown two years ago seems to have swayed some young investors toward less aggressive investing strategies. And that's the wrong move, according to Fool editor and writer Dan Caplinger.

"[O]ver the long haul, you'll be able to follow the general upward path that stocks have given investors for decades, and even take advantage of temporary downturns to load up with stocks on the cheap," Dan wrote.

Read the article for Dan's thoughts on other excuses investors use to procrastinate. You'll also get his take on how to think about recent volatility, including "emerging-market stocks seeing pressure for the first time in a while -- with the iShares FTSE China 25 ETF (NYSE: FXI) down more than 10% from its November levels and India Fund (NYSE: IFN) off almost 12% since the end of 2010."

Meet Your New Phone Company
Fool contributor Tim Beyers welcomes readers to the future of telephony. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Google are using hardware, software, and services to meet personal and business communications needs "without worrying about the underlying network," Tim wrote. "Think about how remarkable that is. AT&T, Verizon (NYSE: VZ), and Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) have spent billions on networks that are becoming a commodity."

See the article to leave your comment on the situation and what it means for investors.

Health-Care Reform Lives: Here's Where to Invest
It makes sense to research generic-drug makers, but investors shouldn't stop there. Fool contributor Brian Orelli says investors need to look for drugs that treat unmet needs, like GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) and Human Genome Sciences' (Nasdaq: HGSI) Benlysta, which treats lupus, or Vertex Pharmaceuticals' hepatitis C drug telaprevir.

"Even with all the hand waving and shouting about high health-care costs, drugs that truly provide better care will be paid for at premium prices," Brian wrote.

Check out the article for more on what health-care reform could mean for investors, and use the comments section to help your fellow Fools find companies to research.

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