If you're feeling good about the market, you're not alone. Take my hand as we go over some of this week's more uplifting headlines.

1. Fantastic Vonage
(NYSE: VG) has gone from laughingstock to comeback kid.

The provider of web-tethered phone service delivered better than expected quarterly results on Tuesday and its first quarter of net subscriber growth in more than two years.

Vonage's adjusted profit of $0.06 a share was well ahead of both the $0.03 a share it earned a year ago and the $0.04 a share that analysts were expecting. However, it's the addition of 6,000 more accounts during the quarter that really got the shares moving.

It had been a forgone conclusion that landline customers -- even those on cheaper Internet-based plans -- were a dying breed. Folks are ditching their house phones and settling for their cell phones. The Vonage reversal is noteworthy. Is it a blip, or is it a matter of shrewd marketing and healthy customer satisfaction? The next few quarters will tell the tale, but it's looking good so far.

2. Weight Watchers goes binging
Shares of Weight Watchers (NYSE: WTW) soared 46% -- yes, 46% -- after the company posted results that looked as good as its "after" snapshots.

Revenue climbed 15.6% on a 13% surge in global paid weeks. Adjusted earnings inched 9% higher. This may not seem like much, but analysts were expecting profitability to decline on a mere 3% top-line gain.

I heard one business news source, which I won't mention, speculate that the strong showing was the result of folks following through with their New Year's resolutions, but that fails on two fronts:

  1. Weight Watchers' quarter ended on Jan. 1, so this doesn't include the January traffic.
  2. Even if it did include January, we're still talking about a year-over-year comparison. The improvement is real, not seasonal.

3. Sympathy plays for the devil
You have to feel sorry for ReachLocal (Nasdaq: RLOC). Its shares fell 12% on Wednesday after the online marketer provided revenue guidance for the current quarter and year ahead that fell short of Wall Street's targets.

The shortfall came on the same day that online advertising peer ValueClick (Nasdaq: VCLK) popped higher after dishing out upbeat guidance.

ValueClick's come a long way since it was being investigated by the FTC over deceptive marketing practices. The display-advertising specialist has cleaned up nicely, and its shares have nearly doubled over the past year.

4. Tegra the tiger is grrrrr-eat
(Nasdaq: NVDA) surged yesterday after posting blowout results.

The graphics chip pioneer earned $0.23 a share in its latest quarter, easily cruising past the pros perched at $0.16 a share.

There was a time when investors were concerned about what NVIDIA's role would be as its bread-and-butter PC business gave way to smaller computing gadgetry. However, NVIDIA's Tegra processors have proven popular in new and upcoming smartphones and tablets.

NVIDIA changed with the times. Shareholders have been rewarded with a stock that has nearly tripled since this past summer's dip into the single digits.

5. Big G hooks old media
(Nasdaq: AAPL) ruffled feathers earlier this week when it announced that it would be inserting itself as a middleman for publishers through its apps, collecting a 30% cut and restricting what content creators can do outside of Apple's ecosystem.

A day later, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) stepped up with its One Pass platform. Big G is settling for a 10% slice, and it's also willing to turn over subscriber information to the actual publishers.

A good deal isn't enough by itself. Apple's family of iOS products that feed at its App Store trough can't be ignored. However, Google stepping up as a single-login solution across several devices and all participating publishers will give publishers every incentive to promote One Pass over their iOS presence. Who knows? We may soon find old media companies willing to partly subsidize Android tablet purchases in exchange for long-term digital subscriptions.

It can happen. 

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