The market may have hit fresh highs last week, but naturally, some stocks just aren't playing along. Crummy earnings, bad corporate decisions, and investor apathy will leave some companies sinking, even in the face of higher index prices.

Let's take a closer look at five of this past week's biggest declines:


Value on Feb. 18, 2011


Gerova Financial (NYSE: GFC)



Microvision (Nasdaq: MVIS)



TravelCenters of America (AMEX: TA)



Build-A-Bear Workshop (NYSE: BBW)



Rosetta Stone (NYSE: RST)



Source: Barron's.

Gerova Financial was the market's biggest loser, shedding more than half of its value. Accusations of financial shenanigans at the Bermuda-based insurer only grew louder as prolific candidates for executive positions have backed out of consideration.

Microvision was a sight for sore eyes after the champion of ultra-miniature projection displays announced that it's scaling back operations. Microvision is aiming to reduce its cash requirements by 40% this year, after posting preliminary fourth-quarter results that included a wider net loss on a sharp drop in revenue. 

TravelCenters operates 228 sites under the TravelCenters of America, TA, and Petro brands that offer fuel, restaurants, convenience stores, and truck repairs. TravelCenters posted a wider than expected quarterly deficit of $1.71 a share. TravelCenters remains an interesting play on the improving state of the country's trucking industry, but it has to do better than the $3.78 a share loss it posted for all of 2010.

Build-A-Bear Workshop investors wished that they were hibernating when the struggling toy retailer posted a 3.7% slide in same-store sales during the seasonally significant holiday quarter. This isn't merely a blip. Comps have inched lower every year since 2004.

Rosetta Stone shareholders hopefully know a few swear words in different languages. The language software giant announced preliminary quarterly reports that failed to impress. The company hit some potholes in the stateside consumer market, and the recent Borders bankruptcy filing isn't helping matters.

It was a rough week for these five stocks. Now let's see if they can bounce back.

Which of these five stocks do you think will bottomed out last week? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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