I'm sorry, Charlie Sheen. I've been rolling with the "winners" accolade slightly longer than you with this weekly column.

Oh, and I actually mean it. These stocks didn't need tiger blood or warlock powers to score some lucrative gains for their investors.

Let's take a closer look at five of this past week's biggest scorchers.



Weekly Gain

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Global Defense Tech (Nasdaq: GTEC)




America Service Group (Nasdaq: ASGR)




Sauer-Danfoss (NYSE: SHS)




Samson Oil & Gas (AMEX: SSN)




Sonus Networks (Nasdaq: SONS)




Source: Barron's.

Global Defense Technology & Systems and America Service Group were the beneficiaries of buyouts at lofty premiums. Ares Management is buying defense contractor Global Defense for $24.25 a share. Prison health care provider America Service Group is joining the ball and chain gang after agreeing to be snapped up by rival Valitas Health Services at a price of $26 a share.

Sauer-Danfoss took off after the maker of mobile hydraulic systems posted better than expected quarterly results. A sharp profit reversed a year-ago loss on a 54% surge in revenue. A healthy order backlog finds the company expecting to earn as much as $4 a share this year.

Samson Oil & Gas hasn't had to cut its locks of hair. The oil explorer and producer has benefited from the buoyant price of oil. It's also been receiving good news out of its tracts of land in Wyoming's Niobrara formation. Samson sold off a good chunk of its acreage there last year, but it's still on the receiving end of potentially juicy royalty interests.

Finally, Sonus Networks delivered a blowout quarter. Revenue climbed 21% for the VoIP products specialist. Mr. Market was braced for flattish results. It also posted a profit when analysts were targeting a small deficit. If there are any legs to the long-standing Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) buyout rumors, the networking giant better hurry. Sonus' guidance is calling for continued growth in 2011.

It was a great week for these five stocks. Now let's see if they're up for an encore.

Which of these five stocks do you think will continue to move higher? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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