Thanks to its size and geology, Australia is No. 1 in the world in demonstrated reserves for zinc, nickel, and lead, and in the top six for coal, copper, gold, and iron ore. Recent efforts to develop coal seam gas reserves in the state of Queensland also have the potential to turn Australia into a net exporter of fuel.

And why is Australia in such a great position to meet the world's resource needs? Because the country is the size of the United States, but is home to less than one-tenth of the population. Even better, Australia is a stable democracy -- which makes access to its resources all the more valuable for countries such as China and India that will require an uninterrupted supply in order to maintain their growth.

This is why our Global Gains team just traveled to Australia in search of great investment opportunities. Long-term growth in emerging Asia is virtually all that we're sure of in these uncertain times, and of all of the markets in the world, Australia looks like one of the best-positioned to profit. So what did they discover?

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