There's a lot of information out there. Some of it is junk, some of it is frame-worthy. For every dozen foam-spewing-from-mouth rants out there, there's a well-thought-out, factual, logical piece of work that deserves your attention. Here are five you might enjoy: 

1. How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street and the World Economy
Michael Lewis, 1989, Manhattan
Twenty-two years ago, author Michael Lewis penned an article describing how a giant Japanese earthquake could end up wreaking havoc on the global economy. I can guess why this article is suddenly popular again.

2. Risk-Free Energy: Surely, You Must Be Joking
Alex Berezow, Real Clear Science
With the tragedy in Japan slaughtering stocks such as Cameco (NYSE: CCJ) and BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP), Berezow gives us an important reality check: All energy sources are either dangerous, dirty, unpopular, or not yet viable on a large scale. Yes, nuclear energy is dangerous. So is coal. And coal is dirty, as is natural gas. "Risk-free, cost-free energy is a complete myth and simply does not, and will not, exist."

3. Global Recover Remains Intact
Bob Doll, BlackRock
Doll is known for his rampant bullishness, and this update is no different. The Middle East is a mess. Oil is surging. Japan is in ruins. Yet the real drivers of the recovery are still on track. To boot: "It is possible that Japanese officials will use this occasion to undertake some desperately needed structural reforms to make the country's economy more competitive."

4. Black Swans, 100 Year Floods
Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture
Market-thrashing events happen far more often than most investors imagine. What many consider once-in-100-years events have occurred roughly 16 times over the past decade. Invest accordingly.

5. Three Stocks Hit 52-Week Lows, Now Look Good
John Dorfman, Bloomberg
Cisco (NYSE: CSCO), General Motors (NYSE: GM), and DreamWorks (NYSE: DWA) are all now trading at 52-week lows, and look ripe for bargain hunters. Cisco trades at 13 times earnings. GM is misunderstood -- still stigmatized from its old days. DreamWorks is debt-free and has been thrown to the curb by analysts. Ah, the joys of panics.

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