Fools were out and about this week in an investing world jampacked with actions and ideas. Here are three articles you might find useful as you decide how to invest your money.

Our Top Picks and Stock Pickers
The Motley Fool offers investors 16 opportunities to get in early with a "Rising Star" analyst who's picking stocks and investing real money in them. Alyce Lomax is leading the group this week, in terms of both total portfolio return (15.78%) and percentage points above the S&P 500 (5.17).

According to her "Rising Stars" page, "Alyce's portfolio follows [socially responsible investing] principles to provide returns for serious long-term shareholders who are interested in companies that thrive by following positive business philosophies that take many stakeholders into account."

Her portfolio's stocks include Costco (Nasdaq: COST), PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), and Timberland (NYSE: TBL), which was up 86% when John Reeves wrote this week about the top picks and stock pickers.

See Alyce's full "Rising Stars" portfolio, and take a peek at how her fellow "Rising Stars" analysts are doing with their picks.

"[O]ur Rising Stars are our equivalent of 'day-one' managers," John wrote. "I'm convinced that several of them will be investing luminaries at the Fool someday, so this is a great opportunity for you to invest alongside them as they establish their own track records."

7 Guru Picks You Should Be Watching
Fool editor and writer Dan Caplinger is keeping tabs on some popular gurus in the hedge-fund and institutional money management industries.

Noteworthy moves include John Paulson's recent purchase of Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) and Whirlpool shares, Jeremy Grantham's investment in Brazilian stocks such as Vale (NYSE: VALE), and George Soros' (surprising) purchase of shares of Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and General Motors (NYSE: GM).

Check out the article to read Dan's full write-up on these guru picks.

Why Gold Skeptics Must Buy Silver
If the thought of investing in gold makes you queasy, consider silver. "With a one-two punch of surging investment demand and growing industrial consumption of the metal, the outlook for silver investors may shine more brilliantly than gold," Fool contributor Christopher Barker wrote this week.

Silver is used in items including cars, cell phones, computers, and watch batteries, Christopher reports. "Computers stripped … 22 million ounces of supply from the market in 2010, which is roughly equivalent to Silver Wheaton's production for the year."

Read the article to find out more about the demand for silver and see Christopher's suggestions of two stocks to consider.

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