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Here are four topics we cover on this weekend's Motley Fool Money radio show:

1. What was the bigger story this week? Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke having his first-ever press conference, or shares of (Nasdaq: AMZN) hitting an all-time high? Listen now to find out.

2. Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) latest earnings grew 31% and the stock still fell. What's the next big opportunity for the software giant?

3. Under Armour (NYSE: UA) reported strong earnings. So what's the secret weapon for the sports-apparel company? One of our analysts shares why Under Armour's been on his radar.

4. What did Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) do this week?  Not much, unless you count raising its dividend and acquiring a medical-device company for $21 billion. Is that why shares just hit a 52-week high?

Plus, New York Times best-selling author, personal money-management expert, and radio host Dave Ramsey shares the strangest money question he's ever been asked, tips for how to get your financial house in order, and his secret talent that most listeners don't know about.

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