What's better than momentum? Mo' momentum.

Let's take a closer look at five of this past week's biggest scorchers.


April 29

Weekly Gain

My Watchlist

Rediff.com (Nasdaq: REDF)




Ancestry.com (Nasdaq: ACOM)




Ku6 (Nasdaq: KUTV)




SunPower (Nasdaq: SPWRA)




ReachLocal (Nasdaq: RLOC)




Source: Barron's.

Rediff led the market higher after announcing a Groupon-like deals initiative. The small India-centric portal has a volatile trading industry. Bulls will argue that I got this one wrong. I bashed the stock at a much lower price point earlier this year. Let's reconvene in a few weeks after its fiscal fourth-quarter results. Rediff remains a largely profitless company generating $2 million in monthly revenue. How is that worthy of a market cap approaching $500 million?

Ancestry.com is one that I got right. I recommended it to Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter subscribers at $25.06 back in October. The leading genealogy website had a blowout quarter, as profitability more than doubled on a 33% spike in subscribers.

Ku6 has been gaining steam since Youku.com (Nasdaq: YOKU) took off after its December IPO. Ku6 isn't in the same league as China's leading video-sharing site, but we all know how coattails go. Ku6 made its own luck last week, announcing the acquisition of Pipi.cn, a popular P2P-based video-sharing website.

SunPower shined kindly on longs after one of Europe's biggest oil companies tendered an offer for 60% of the company. Big oil warming up to solar? I guess you can teach an old energy company some new energy tricks -- even as cynics may argue that solar power goes all the way back to the start of time.

ReachLocal boosted its full-year outlook after partnering up with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) in an online advertising alliance.

It was a great week for these five stocks. Now let's see if they're up for an encore.

Which of these five stocks do you think will continue to move higher? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.