The trading week kicks off with Quanex Building Products (NYSE: NX) reporting. This may not seem like an ideal climate for a company that manufactures building products, but analysts see Quanex posting a profit of $0.11 a share, in line with what it earned a year ago.

Capstone Turbine
(Nasdaq: CPST) and CLARCOR (NYSE: CLC) report on Tuesday. The maker of turbine-generator sets and the provider of filtration products don't have a lot in common, but both companies are expected to post improved bottom-line results this time around.

Is the world ready for a Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) laptop? The Chromebook hits the market on Wednesday. Fueled by Google's Chrome operating system, the Web-savvy machines are lacking in internal memory and may initially be short of some of the features that consumers are used to in Windows-propelled portables. However, Google is coming on strong with some substantial hardware partners.

A little swagger after its success with Android in the smartphone space also can't hurt.

(NYSE: ATU) reports its fiscal third quarter results on Thursday. It's in a good groove, having boosted its operating margins in five consecutive quarters. The pros are eyeing a profit of $0.46 a share, comfortably ahead of the $0.35 a share it rang up last year.

Time Warner
's (NYSE: TWX) Green Lantern hits a multiplex near you on Friday, hoping to become the next superhero franchise for Time Warner's DC Comics. If it flops, one can only imagine how many news agencies will go with "Red Light for Green Lantern" as their headlines.

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