EnergySolutions (NYSE: ES) shares plummeted following recent less-than-stellar quarterly results. While this news may appear bad on the surface, EnergySolutions has a lot going for it. Its recent price drop could provide investors the perfect opportunity to get in at a discounted rate -- especially after the company's recent press announcement.

Cleaning up in profits
On June 6, 2011, EnergySolutions announced that it had been awarded a $417 million, four-year waste management cleanup contract. In a joint venture with Babcock & Wilcox (NYSE: BWC) and URS (NYSE: URS), EnergySolutions will help to operate the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project in Idaho.

In addition to this recent contract, EnergySolutions is one of the few companies to offer cleanup services for nuclear facilities worldwide. Despite the negative press surrounding Japan's recent Fukushima reactor disaster, nuclear power remains a viable option for a world increasingly seeking cleaner energy. 

Accordingly, as countries continue to increase their production of nuclear power, EnergySolutions will likely profit.

Not for the short run
Although Energy Solutions has a lot going for its future, this stock probably won't skyrocket overnight. EnergySolutions boasts a free cash flow of more than $94 million, but it also has a highly leveraged balance sheet, making this investment not for the faint of heart. EnergySolutions' debt/equity is a hair-raising 169.44.

Still, given this company's future potential -- its five-year sales growth rate is projected at approximately 38, compared to the industry average of 25 -- this stock seems more than worth the risk. And with EnergySolutions stock price of $4.85 per share (at time of writing), now is a great time to get in at a cheap price.

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