If you're feeling good about the market, you're not alone. Take my hand as we go over some of this week's more uplifting headlines.

1. Sirius horsepower
General Motors
(NYSE: GM) is the latest carmaker to milk more money from its used cars through Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI).

Buyers of pre-owned cars sold through GM dealers that have deactivated XM receivers -- regardless of the original manufacturer -- will now come with three-month trials to the premium radio service.

It's a win-win-win deal that Sirius XM has been inking with leading auto manufacturers. Used car buyers get three months of free satellite radio. Sirius XM has an easier way to woo new paying subscribers, with minimal investments since the dormant receivers are already in the cars. The automakers get a piece of the action from Sirius XM for any drivers that do sign up as paying subscribers.

2. Blunder and lightning
It may be too early to tell if Disney's (NYSE: DIS) Cars 2 will be a summer blockbuster. The computer-rendered flick opens today. The film critic composite on Rotten Tomatoes is tagging the theatrical release with a lower rating than its predecessor.

However, judging by the hype, Pixar pedigree, and the number of Cars toys sold since the original's debut five years ago, the movie should fare a whole lot better than Disney's Mars Needs Moms.

It was Mars Needs Moms, after all, that forced Disney into missing its latest quarterly profit estimate after bombing at the local multiplex.

3. Fly bots, fly
(Nasdaq: AVAV) took off after posting better-than-expected results this week.

The maker of unmanned aircraft vehicles -- popular with the military for recon missions but also up to the task of storm tracking and wildfire detection -- bested analyst projections on the top and bottom lines. AeroVironment's also providing upbeat guidance for fiscal 2012 that's well ahead of Wall Street's current targets.

AeroVironment's order backlog of $82.9 million is also 15% ahead of where it was a year ago. This should give investors comfort in knowing that the company isn't being smacked down by any budgetary cutbacks.

4. Location, location, location in China
(Nasdaq: BIDU) and China Real Estate Information Corporation (Nasdaq: CRIC) are teaming up for a win-win deal in China.

An expanded strategic agreement finds CRIC paying Baidu for the exclusive right to sell Baidu's brand-linking product to real estate developers over the next three years. CRIC will also continue to run Baidu's real estate and home furnishing channels.

CRIC will reach the juicy audience drawn to China's largest search engine. Baidu gets magnetic content and some money.

5. It's a fruit box
Rumors of Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) entering the high-def television market will not die.

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster and Ticonderoga Securities' Brian White issued dueling analyst notes on Wednesday, once again predicting the inevitability of an Apple-branded LCD television. The only thing that the two can't seem to agree on is a release date. White insists that the premium TVs will hit the market in time for this year's telltale holiday shopping season. Munster feels that 2012 is more realistic.

This isn't the first time White and Munster have pitched this premise. It continues to sound like a winning move for Apple.

Obviously, Apple will be able to charge a healthy premium for what could be the new living room centerpiece. It goes without saying that the LCDs will ooze style, but think about the logical high-end features:

  • FaceTime will connect owners with others on FaceTime-capable iOS devices.
  • iTunes and iTunes Match will raise the bar when it comes to audio entertainment.
  • Gaming won't be an easy sell since Apple's App Store relies on touchscreen interaction, but doesn't this simply mean that we're just a touchscreen remote away from making Apple's Game Center a legitimate player?

Bet against Apple at your own risk.

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