Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) says Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) new Mac operating system, Lion, needs to be tamed. In a post entitled -- no joke -- "Lion Tamers," Senior Product Manager Jody Rodgers posted two pages of "known issues" with the OS relating to compatibility with Java and Adobe products.

So, what, Lion is a bad kitty? Meow! Someone get Rodgers a saucer of milk. Or maybe a warm blanket and some tea, because it sounds to me like he's sick of getting kicked around by critics of Adobe's own security-challenged software.

I know, I'm mocking. Call it keeping with the spirit of Rodgers' post. "You are seeking the cold hard facts while a percentage of your users are barging down the door to upgrade due to justifiable work reasoning such as 'shininess' and 'Ars [Technica] said I should'," he wrote.

Well played. And yet while tongue-in-cheek assessments of serious upgrades will undoubtedly make for a good chuckle here and there, the truth remains that Adobe attracts hackers the way porch lights attract moths.

I know -- corporate upgrades are never easy. Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) spent years weaning customers from Windows XP to newer versions. Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) takes in billions in annual maintenance revenue, largely on the promise of keeping database implementations fresh and hassle-free.

But is Lion really different or buggy enough to merit Rodgers' snarkiness? I'm not buying it. Lion is working well for me so far -- and I'm using Flash as much as anyone else. I'm also using Chrome and Spotify, which Rodgers called out as a potential sore point for upgraders. If anything, I find the new Mac OS to be a welcome upgrade for its productivity-boosting changes. Do you agree? Use the comments box below to weigh in.

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