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Happy iPhone 5 (or 4s) Day!

After long months of waiting, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) will hold a press conference in San Francisco today during which new CEO Tim Cook is expected to introduce the new handset. My colleagues and I will be live-blogging the event so be sure to stay tuned at for continuous coverage.

Before we get started, though, I'm asking what you think about the new iCandy. All signs point to a fast, voice-activated handset that does a better job of embedding Facebook. Does that get you excited? Or are you hoping for more?

And what if -- as the rumors say -- Apple simultaneously releases its new handset through AT&T (NYSE: T), Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S), and maybe even T-Mobile? Would you switch from your existing provider? (A more recent rumor says Sprint could be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone 5.)

Finally, what about trade-ins? Are you preparing to ditch your iPhone 3G, 3Gs, or 4 in order to upgrade? Apple released the iPhone 4 to antenna issues more than a year ago. Since then, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and its partners have revved up sales of Android handsets as Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) have struggled to win converts to their newest smart devices.

I can only speak for myself, but as a longtime Apple shareholder and off-contract AT&T subscriber, I'll be weighing every option afforded me by the new iPhone -- including the possibility of dumping AT&T for a different carrier.

But even that's a long shot, I suspect. My iPhone 3Gs is more data device than phone, and on AT&T's 3G network it serves email and videos plenty fast. Calls get dropped, sure, but I've come to rely on Google and Skype for telephony much more than AT&T. Data is what I need, and between the new Ma Bell and a heavy dose of Wi-Fi, the 3Gs delivers.

And you? What are your upgrade intentions? Please vote in the poll below and then leave a comment to let us know what you expect from the new iPhone. You can also add any of these stocks to your Foolish watchlist for ongoing coverage.

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