Has Motorola Mobility (NYSE: MMI) been living under a multicolored Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) rock for the past several months? Does the company not realize that Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has been going to town on Samsung all over the world for blatant ripoffs?

Maybe Motorola is just trying to be like Samsung more than it's trying to be like Apple and wants to show it can pick fights with the best of them. If that's the case, then good news for you, Motorola: Mission accomplished!

Pop quiz: I'm going to describe a product, and you try to guess what I'm referring to.

A small square-shaped music player that features a capacitive color touch-screen. It comes with either 8 GB or 16 GB of onboard storage to carry your favorite tunes. It also doubles as a wristwatch when attached to a wristband. It features FM radio capabilities to pick up your favorite local radio station. The device can also track your fitness statistics with built-in software.

Source: Apple.

Time's up; pencils down. If you answered Apple's iPod nano, then I'm afraid you failed. The correct answer: Motorola's brand new MOTOACTV! Motorola is calling the device the ultimate fusion of music and fitness, which was announced alongside the nostalgia-inducing Droid Razr.

Source: Motorola Mobility.

There are a handful of differences; the biggest one is the price tag. The MOTOACTV comes in at $249 and $299 price points, higher than the iPod nano's $129 and $149 retail prices. Motorola's gadget also runs Android, and it can communicate with an Android phone using Bluetooth, something the iPod nano can't do. Another feature the MOTOACTV has that the iPod nano doesn't is GPS.

Are those features worth almost twice the cost? I doubt it. I also doubt that this will be a worthwhile endeavor for Motorola once it starts receiving letters from App le's lawyers asking it to RSVP in court.

  • Add Motorola Mobility to your Watchlist to see whether the MOTOACTV becomes just another notch on the Apple legal team's belt.