The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which, John Reeves and David Meier discuss topics across the investing world.

In today's edition, they discuss how investors can play the cloud computing trend. Dave offers up three broad strategies with a couple of stock ideas for each. Dave also mentions the ones he is considering for his real-money portfolio.


The cloud computing revolution is real, it's here today, and it stands to upset much of the technology world as we know it, redefining the way content is managed and distributed. As in any big upset, there are those who will be crushed by the changing tide and those who will ride the waves to riches. The Motley Fool has outlined the winner in a special free report: "The Two Words Bill Gates Doesn't Want You to Hear..." If you're interested in uncovering these opportunities today, you can click here to access your report -- it's totally free.

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