Last week was a lousy one for tech investors, and things didn't get any prettier in China.

However, several of China's publicly traded Internet companies did come through with better-than-expected results.

Sure, a lot of them are still losing money. Investors are also naturally hesitant about buying into a country where the government has made it clear that it doesn't trust cyberspace. No one said that buying into new media in China was going to be a risk-free proposition. However, it's always encouraging to see a niche landing well ahead of the prognosticators.

Let's take a quick look at the five market thumpers.


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Dangdang (NYSE: DANG) ($0.24) ($0.20) Add
Renren (NYSE: RENN) ($0.04) ($0.03) Add
SINA (Nasdaq: SINA) ($0.23) ($0.21) Add
SouFun (NYSE: SFUN) $0.10 $0.16 Add
Sky-mobi (Nasdaq: MOBI) $0.07 $0.09 Add

Source: Thomson Reuters.

Dangdang is a leading online retailer in China. It got its start selling books -- just as our country's top e-tailer did -- but it has branched out into broader items with meatier price tags.

Renren is China's leading social networking website operator. Even in a restrictive country that requires social network users to use their real names, there's growth to be had here.

SINA climbed higher on encouraging monetization news with its popular Weibo micro-blogging platform, but the bottom-line results show that SINA is also losing less money than what the pros had originally feared.

SouFun runs a top real estate and home furnishing Internet portal in China. This may seem like a bad business to be in as the country's real estate bubble pops and the country guides toward slower economic growth, but revenue did surge 43% in its latest quarter.

Sky-mobi -- a fledgling upstart trying to build an App Store equivalent in China -- also earned more than what analysts were expecting.

Betting on China
Even if three of these companies simply earned less than what the market was expecting -- and one of the other two hit a 52-week low after last week's report -- the opportunities are still worth taking for those willing to deal with the high risks in the pursuit of high rewards.

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