Legendary fund manager Peter Lynch once said that you shouldn't invest in any idea you couldn't illustrate with a crayon.

Though I'm not much for crayons, I do love the pithiness of that line. We regularly preach the same idea at the Fool: Don't buy what you don't understand. And if you can't simply sketch out a company's business model -- how it actually makes money -- then maybe you shouldn't be investing in it.

Let's say you need to buy flip flops, charcoal, the latest DiCaprio epic, and shampoo all at the same time -- and want to make a questionable fashion statement while doing so -- where do you go? If you're like me, you go to Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT).Wal-Mart sells a ton of stuff, but where does it really make its money? Let's take a look at a simple visual to help answer that question. (Note: I'm focusing on revenues here, not earnings.)

Source: Wal-Mart 2011 10-K.

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