The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which industrials editor/analyst Isaac Pino discusses topics across the investing world. In today's edition, Isaac takes a cue from Fool colleague Dan Dzombak, who recently introduced the Value Investor 500 list. The Foolish screening tool identifies the top-rated value stocks based on the amount of free cash flow generated from invested capital. Microsoft tops the list among the Dow components, as Isaac explains in the video below. The software giant also has found itself in the headlines recently as it gains traction in the search arena, gradually stealing market share from Google, and looks poised to enter the hardware space to challenge Apple as well.

For the Microsoft investors who bought in a few decades ago, the returns have been tremendous. For those of us who didn't, we're looking for the next great tech stock for our portfolios. We believe the company identified in our brand-new report has that kind of potential. Great leadership, millions of users, and a proven business model will lift this up-and-comer above its peers. Download this report for free for a limited time.

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