Joining in the tradition that has seen Twitter and Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) tightly integrated into the iPhone experience, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has struck a deal with social-business reviews site Yelp (Nasdaq: YELP) so that users can check in directly from the iPhone's new Maps app.

Larry? Sergey? You're fired!
Impressed? I don't blame you, but let's also remember that Apple had to do this. The Mac maker may very well have a better product now, but Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) long ago made its maps play nicely with Google Places for adding Yelp-like detail. Google+ has since added check-ins. The iEmpire is playing catch-up.

I'd also be more impressed if Apple had teamed with Foursquare. An App Store favorite, this location-specific social network has a deal with American Express for check-in discounts for those paying with an eligible credit card.

Imagine a similar arrangement with Apple: Check in to Foursquare and receive iTunes credit when you pay with the card registered to your account. A crude process, to be sure, but one that could move iTunes closer to fulfilling its destiny as a mobile payments platform.

Hello, Mr. Cook. May I interest you in this website?
None of this is to suggest a deal with Yelp is without merit. Far from it -- Apple may even want to spend $2 billion for the site as a tuck-in acquisition that adds meaning to Maps and enhances Passport, a digital-wallet wannabe that stores movie and plane tickets, among other things, digitally on an iPhone.

Imagine how much richer Yelp might be if Apple were to acquire the site and makes Passport the default for storing coupons or group-buying offers from listed businesses. It's a short leap from there to using Siri to find a highly rated restaurant, booking with OpenTable, and paying with iTunes after automatically applying coupons and offers stored in Passport. Maps would kick off the process, acting as a portal in a circular, comprehensive iOS ecosystem stripped of Google's influence.

iTune in
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