Today, industrials editor and analyst Brendan Byrnes discusses yesterday's General Electric earnings, and what it means for current and potential GE investors. GE's profit from continuing operations rose 2.5% to $0.38 per share, beating estimates. The company reiterated that it's still on track for double-digit earnings power. GE also announced that it will split its energy infrastructure segment up into three seperate segments; power and water, oil and gas, and energy management. This move should help GE place more individual concentration on these segments as it emphasizes its industrial businesses over GE Capital. Check out the following video for more on how GE is performing around the world, and what this all means for investors.

GE certainly got hit hard by the recent financial crisis, but management took advantage of the market's dip to make strategic bets in energy. If you're a GE investor, you need to understand how these bets could drive this company to become the world's infrastructure leader. At the same time, you need to be aware of the threats to GE's portfolio. To help, we're offering comprehensive coverage for investors in a premium report on General Electric, in which our industrials analyst breaks down GE's multiple businesses. You'll find reasons to buy or sell GE, and you'll receive continuing updates as major events unfold during the year. To get started, click here now.

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