If there is one thing you should dislike about Apple, it's that its proverbial eggs are held in very few baskets. Luckily for shareholders, those eggs are solid gold, and its baskets would put the 9-by-10 Newark, Ohio, record-breaker to shame. That being said, the company's cycle of product introductions drives so much consumer interest and anticipation that it can lead to a material impact on near-term results. In the following video, Brenton offers his opinion that it was this phenomenon weighing on results in the last quarter, and explains why investors shouldn't fret over the disappointing numbers.

If you're a tech investor, the amount of Apple stock in your portfolio has been a key factor in whether you're stomping the market in recent years. However, with the company preparing its most important phone launch in history with the iPhone 5 and even looking at a game-changing television, the stakes have never been higher for Apple. If you're looking for how to play Apple in the coming months, the Motley Fool has created a brand new report listing not only the opportunities facing Apple, but also what to look for to know when to sell. The report not only comes with a write-up from one of our top analysts, but includes continuing updates whenever news strikes the company. Click here to get started today!