In today's edition, industrials editor and analyst Brendan Byrnes dives into the industrials space, with commentary on companies in the sector. Some topics include:

  • The cancellation of Qantas' order of 35 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
  • Analysis and opinion of United Technologies' stock.
  • Whether General Electric's stock is underrated or overrated.
  • Whether the analysts are right about Caterpillar's future prospects.
  • The recent upgrade of General Motors' credit to BB+ by Fitch, just below investment grade.

Check out the following video for in-depth analysis of these topics.

One of the stocks that has Brendan currently excited is Caterpillar. Cat is the market-share leader in an industry in which size matters, and its quality products, extensive service network, and unparalleled brand strength combine to give it solid competitive advantages. But the stock hasn't performed very well this year so far.  Read all about Caterpillar's strengths and weaknesses, and whether it's currently a buy nor not, in our brand-new report. Just click here to access it now.