The following video is part of our “Motley Fool Conversations” series, in which analyst John Reeves and advisor David Meier discuss topics across the investing world.

In a recent article, technologist Vivek Wadhwa laid out a compelling case that the next decade will be the most innovative yet. Here are the building blocks he sees, and some companies that are making that reality happen.

Wadhwa sees genetics, specifically genome data, changing medicine for the better. Today, Genomic Health provides genomic-based services to help cancer patients receive individualized cancer treatments. He also sees digital manufacturing, and 3-D printing as an up-and-coming force. Companies like Stratasys and 3D Systems are leading the charge. Nanotechnology continues to advance, too, and will change the way products are designed. A-1 Systems, a nanotechnology battery maker, may be struggling commercially, but its science is making progress. Like Wadhwa, we also see the growing impact of microsensors, which is why we invested in InvenSense. We’re looking for game-changing technologies like the ones mentioned above. And we think the future is going to be really cool, too.

With the U.S. relying on the rest of the world for such a large percentage of our goods, many investors are ready for the end of the "made in China" era.  Well it’s arrived, and with the balance of manufacturing power shifting yet again, you can profit with the 3 Stocks To Own For The New Industrial Revolution. They're the biggest industry disrupters we’ve seen since the personal computer, and you can read more about them in our free analyst report