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John Reeves

John Reeves


John is a senior editor focusing on investigations and financial reform. He's been with the Fool for almost ten years.

Recent articles


Here's Why It's So Easy to Manipulate Ordinary Investors

Two of America's leading economists show us why we make poor decisions.


Is the Market Crash Just Beginning?

Investors need to be sensible in the current market environment.


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Here's what behavioral economics teaches us about investing.

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Investing insights from the new book "Becoming Steve Jobs."

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Inspirational quotes from Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Portfolio-Saving Lessons From the Sinking of the Lusitania

Investors can learn a lot about managing risk from the disastrous torpedo attack from 100 years ago.

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Investor

Having a growth mind-set is the key to improving your investing returns.

7 Insights for Investors From Peter Thiel's "Zero to One"

Peter Thiel's latest book is a great resource for identifying outstanding businesses.

Is Your Brain Telling You to Make a Bad Decision on Social Security?

Recent psychological research explains why so many Americans want to take their social security at age 62.

The Smartest Move Investors Made in 2014

Tuning out financial noise is actually good for your portfolio.

The Best Way to Invest in America's Future

Nurse-Family Partnership has been selected by The Motley Fool for its 2014 Foolanthropy campaign. Find out how you can make an investment in this innovative anti-poverty program.

9 Critical Investing Lessons From a Nobel Prize Winner

Invaluable investing insights from "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman.

How Investors Succeed: 3 Crucial Insights From Education Experts

Insights on how investors can improve their habits and processes.

How Google Works: 10 Insights From One of the World's Greatest Companies

Lessons from Google as provided in the book "How Google Works."

What I Learned About Investing During a Decade at The Motley Fool

Anyone can be successful at investing. It does require making a few meaningful changes in your habits, however.


7 Lessons From Socrates on Wisdom, Wealth, and the Good Life

Investors can learn a tremendous amount from one of the greatest philosophers of all time.

4 Lessons for Investors From the First World War

July marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Here's what investors can learn from this horrific catastrophe.

6 Insights for Investors From the Best Essay Ever Written

Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance" offers invaluable lessons for investors.

10 Wise Lessons From Pixar on Business, Investing, and Life

Fascinating tidbits from the new book by one of Pixar's co-founders.

10 Top Links for Monday

The very best stories of the day from and around the web.

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