Here are some of the most interesting stories I've been reading today.

From around the web:

1. 10 Reasons Apple Will Buy Beats by Dave Pell
"Beats headphones don't sound that great. But they make up for it in volume." Some great insights (and a few laughs) in this fun piece.

2. Yes, we're in a tech bubble. Here's how I know it. by Adam Lashinsky
When tech executives are calling up journalists to offer them shares, the end of the bubble might be approaching.

3. How to Trick the Guilty and Gullible Into Revealing Themselves by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner
The authors of Freakonomics show you why it's important for the garden to weed itself.

4. Hedge Funds, Fortunes, and Merit by Dan McCrum
A detailed look at how some hedge funds make their vast fortunes.

5. Making Ends Meet at Walmart by Gretchen Morgenson
When it comes to making adjustments that will affect executive compensation, Wal-Mart executives are pretty forgiving and flexible. Unsurprising, of course, but this is an interesting analysis.

And from

6. An Inside Look at Finding Outsider CEOs by Brendan Mathews
Insights from one of The Motley Fool's favorite books.

7. 10 Great Charlie Munger Quotes From Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Meeting by Brendan Mathews
Invaluable investing insights from the recent Berkshire Hathaway event.

8. These Are The 2 Rooms That Really Sell Homes by Michael Corbett
A great kitchen and master bath will dramatically increase the value of your home.

9. This Is Why Disney Raised Ticket Prices by Demitrios Kalogeropoulos
Disney has room to raise prices and this is good news for investors.

10. How Ford Will Fight Back Against Chrysler's Ram by John Rosevear
Ford will have to offer discounts in May in order to stay competitive.