Your fellow investors at The Motley Fool have singled out these recent posts as worthy of your attention. We're kicking off this feature with eight links. Use the comments section below to add your own recent favorites. Fool on!

1. It's Becoming Clear That No One Actually Read Facebook's IPO Prospectus Or Mark Zuckerberg's Letter To Shareholders
By Henry Blodget at Business Insider

Are you a Facebook "whiner"? Henry Blodget -- co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Business Insider, who has his own share of high-powered detractors -- doesn't have much sympathy for you. In this article, Blodget points out how the writing was on the wall about Facebook as a business and Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO. Blodget's created a handy translation of Zuckerberg's letter to help investors see through the hype.

2. Facebook Handled their IPO Exactly Right
From blog maverick, the mark cuban weblog

Billionaire Mark Cuban isn't whining about the money he lost on his Facebook investment.

3. Five Products Apple Should Stop Making
By Sam Grobart on BloombergBusinessweek

Take a break from the breathless iPhone commentary with this article listing five less-than-spectacular products Apple should cut from its lineup: Safari, Game Center, Pages, Numbers, and Mission Control/Launchpad/Dashboard. Does the writer have it right?

4. Apple's iPhone 5 Ploy
By John C. Dvorak at

Consider the sources of your iPhone news. And don't forget that Apple is a master marketer.

5. Why Arrested Development on Netflix Could Change Everything
By Liz Shannon Miller on GigaOM

The writer makes the case that Arrested Development's revival as original programming from Netflix is big news for more than just fans of the show. "We're used to shows that cost millions an episode, but we're also now used to consuming whatever we want, wherever and whenever we want," she wrote. "Some people think that going forward, these two mind-sets won't be able to co-exist. But Netflix seems to disagree, and the Bluths may be the ones to prove it."

6. Tu and Twitter: Is it the end for 'vous' in French?
By Rebecca Lawn on BBC News Magazine

Writer Rebecca Lawn has an interesting angle on Twitter's power of disruption in this article looking at the prevalence in French of the informal "tu" on Twitter instead of the more formal, respectful "vous." It's about more than keeping your character count low.

7. Look, no hands
The Economist

The time for harrumphing about cars that drive themselves has passed.

8. "Welcome to Dystopia! Entering a long-term and politically dangerous food crisis"
By Jeremy Grantham, GMO quarterly letter is a great resource for some very high-level investing discussion, and Jeremy Grantham's quarterly letters are especially popular in the investing community. This recent letter starts with quotes from musician Bab Marley and economist Kenneth Boulding. Grantham lays out some angles of this stark issue and offers advice for what it means for investors.