In today's edition of Market Foolery, Motley Fool analysts answer the question: What's one way to play the future of mobile payments?

Joe Magyer, senior analyst for Inside Value, is sticking with eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY). Be sees the company's Paypal division at just the beginning of what could be a very profitable industry, and as a platform agnostic payment service. They have been aggressively becoming the defacto payments solution for many mobile apps. Already a trusted name in payments processing, eBay is likely to be a long-term winner in this space.

Apple's decision to roll out their new iPhone 5 without near field communication technology may seem like a blow to the mobile payments universe, but it really just shows how early in the game we are for this space. 

In typical Apple fashion, we can expect they'll adopt mobile payments when they're good and ready. In the meantime,  if you’re looking for a recommendation on how to play Apple, along with continuing updates and guidance on the company whenever news breaks, we’ve created a brand new report that details when to buy and sell Apple. To get started, just click here now.