Today, chief technology analyst Eric Bleeker looks at Windstream's rough few months. The company has been marred with earnings disappointments, and now it seems intent on turning around its image. The company is presenting at a series of conferences and discussing its "future game plan."

Eric looks Windstream's focus on commercial businesses, compared with the dying residential land-line business. 

In the end, while there are undeniably weak portions of this company, this focus may actually have some value. Although most investors are naturally downbeat on the stock, they may be overlooking a key part of its future growth potential, and the very division that could allow Windstream to support its hefty dividend. 

Windstream isn't the only wireline company struggling to support its dividend. Investors in Frontier Communications were probably wooed by the 10% yield the company provides, but they need to understand that it's not a sure thing. A huge acquisition has transformed the company forever. Will the move bear fruit, or are investors destined for another disappointing dividend cut? In this premium research report on Frontier Communications, we walk you through all of the key opportunities and threats facing the company. Better yet, you'll receive a full year of updates to boot. Click here to learn more.

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