The Dow Jones was up 0.58% today, and the S&P followed along with gains of its own, but the tech-heavy Nasdaq couldn't keep up. The index slid 0.09% on the day. Senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker looks at a why tech was lagging and zeros in on a series of downgrades targeting companies such as Sprint Nextel, JDS Uniphase, and players in the software space. To see his full thoughts on the subject, watch the preceding video.

Microsoft is one of the world's dominant software companies. The Windows operating system has been the market leader for decades, and Office is installed on more than 1 billion PCs worldwide, but the real question investors like yourself should be asking whether a strong profit opportunity remains -- whether you're an existing shareholder or you're thinking of becoming one. Even for a giant like Microsoft, there are risks and areas you must be watching. Thankfully, Motley Fool analyst Charly Travers has assembled a special reporting detailing these facts and much more. To gain instant access to this report, simply click here now.

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