Today, Brenton Flynn discusses a deadly disease that all of the Big Pharma heavies are looking to cash in on: diabetes. With undeniable secular trends like an aging and increasingly overweight population, some reports have gone as far as to project 50 million diabetic Americans on the horizon. 

Brenton offers up some companies that are positioned to win big if they're able to put out successful drugs targeting this disease.

When it comes to do-or-die businesses, the biotech industry takes the cake. Arena Pharmaceuticals is one recent success story in the industry after gaining FDA approval for its innovative obesity drug. While the future looks bright for Arena, there are still plenty of obstacles ahead. In our brand-new premium research report on Arena Pharmaceuticals, we walk investors through the must-know opportunities and threats facing the company. Since key news can develop quickly, we're also including a full year of updates for those who sign up. Click here now to learn more.

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