A statement posted on Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) U.K. website last week  announcing Samsung had not copied the iPad's design for the Samsung Galaxy Tabs did not fit the bill, say British court of appeal judges.

The statement in question was the requirement of a U.K. patent court ruling from last July, which denied Apple's attempt to have the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tabs banned. It finally appeared on Apple's website after Apple lost its appeal last Friday.

But the apology was not quite what Samsung or the court had wanted, according to reports about a court hearing today in London.

It seems to be the last paragraph that rankled, in which Apple talked about other court cases against Samsung in which it had prevailed.

Apple requested 14 days to put up a new statement. That request was reportedly denied as at least one judge couldn't understand how it would take the tech company that long to post something on its website.


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