The latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, is truly epic, as is its number of product placements. While the makers of prominently promoted props, like Heineken and Aston Martin, are not publicly traded, Foolish investors can still take advantage of Bond-esque businesses by purchasing stock in gizmos, tuxedos, and martinis that are as solid as they are stylish.

Technology and weaponry
Bond may be cool but, without the tech geekery of Q, he's just a really fit guy in a gorgeous suit (not that we're complaining about that). Let us be your personal Q for a moment, and recommend one of the neatest companies shaping the tech world right now. iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT) builds robots that are cool enough for a Bond flick, but specifically designed to make household living easier. As a stock, iRobot has seen its fair share of volatility, but its revenue and net income have steadily risen since 2010, as have its margins.

Source: Company 10-Ks

Thanks to its visionary intellectual property and a strong push forward in international markets, iRobot is a company worth keeping an eye on. Its stock price is low, but its P/E of 14.16 suggests that it may be slightly undervalued, especially when compared to its industry average of 14.36.

The Bond films also feature the latest in cutting-edge artillery, the makers of which are stalwart stock picks in their own right. Sturm, Ruger and Co. (NYSE:RGR) sells over 34 types of firearm-related products. With a rapidly increasing revenue of close to $1 billion, and margins that have remained consistent over the past 3 years, this company could give a long-term investor some much-needed firepower.

Clothes make the man
Every suit in Skyfall is perfectly tailored by menswear genius Tom Ford. Sadly, Ford's company is private, but you can still invest in dressing well with companies like ... Bank ... Joseph A. Bank (NASDAQ: JOSB). The clothing retailer has seen spikes in annual revenue since 2009, with 2012 passing the $1 billion mark. Despite this, its P/E is 13.13, well below the industry average of 17.82, which suggests that even with increased earnings, Bank may be undervalued by the market. This could be a great time to hop onboard before everyone else gets wise.

Shaken, not stirred
I have already written about the virtue of investing in boozy stocks, but consider this the From Russia with Love to that piece's Dr. No. Diageo (NYSE:DEO), the British liquor company behind such Bond-approved vodkas as Smirnoff, Ketel One, and Ciroc, is a great pick for anyone who loves a good dividend stock. The company offers $3.45 annually per share, and its 69% payout ratio suggests that this dividend could potentially go a little bit higher. With a P/E of 22 in an industry that averages 16, Diageo may be expensive; but, sometimes, the best cocktails are worth shelling out a little extra dough for.

Bond's Bottom Line
Who knew James Bond was a Fool? These companies are all great examples of innovative businesses that have yet to reach their full potential. Invest in any of them and, like Bond, your portfolio will be able to weather any villainy that comes its way, in style. 

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