In the video below, The Motley Fool's Brendan Byrnes and Author Lisa McLeod use the recent New York Times op-ed by former Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) employee Greg Smith as an example to discuss how the internal culture of an organization's sales leadership is critical to long-term success. 

Lisa says, "the way the sales leadership talk about their customers, influences the way the sales people will treat the customers." She further details the importance of a sales organization being focused on the best interest of the customer, saying, "If you treat customers like a number, they'll return the favor." 

And while The Motley Fool isn't in the same business as Goldman Sachs, she notes the Motley Fools' own purpose -- "Help the world invest. Better." -- and how this critical difference in cultural mentality will drive customers either toward, or away from, a business like Goldman Sachs.

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