In the following video, The Motley Fool's Brendan Byrnes and author Lisa McLeod talk about some of the qualities the best business leaders have, but first, Lisa mentions one that she clearly isn't a fan of: "There's a lot of talk in the media today, and I just wrote an article about this: about leaders whining." 

She continues: "A real leader doesn't whine. A real leader says, 'We are going to make a difference to our customers. We are going to find a solution.'"

One of the key qualities for leaders, she says, is empathy -- not "touchy, feely" empathy, but the ability to understand things from the customer's perspective. Steve Jobs is an example Lisa uses, describing how his genius, combined with his ability to see how "people might live differently," as she puts it, led to so many innovative products. 

See the video for more about why this trait is important for investors to look for. 

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