The International Data Corporation, or IDC, released the results of a study today, showing that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) currently holds 54% of the tablet market share, Android tablets have 43%, and Windows tablets are a distant third with 3%. However, the study also projected these numbers out into 2016, saying Apple will then hold 49.7%, Android tablets will be 40%, and Windows tablets will have 10%.

In this video, Motley Fool tech and telecom analyst Eric Bleeker tells us how preposterous it is for anyone to make a market share prediction that far into the future in this space. He also takes a look at one of the IDC's previous market share predictions from 2010 looking at 2014. Itprojected that the now-defunct Symbian would have 32.9% of the market share and that Research In Motion (NYSE:BB), maker of the moribund Blackberry, would hold 17.3% of the market share, rather than languishing away in the lower single digits where it currently stands.

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