In the following video segment, Chris Hill, Joe Magyer, and Bryan Hinmon discuss Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) inclusion in the Nasdaq-100 as Infosys gets moved to the NYSE.

Facebook is going to enter the Nasdaq index as the eighth-largest company by market cap. This is huge news for the company, and yet the guys don't consider this as a "net plus" for Facebook, though. Typically, when a new company enters the top 100, there is a positive impact in the short-term price of the stock since there is heightened investor awareness. But, since investors already know Facebook so well, there won't be any heightened awareness.

However, inclusion in the Nasdaq-100 is very prestigious. The index has crushed the others in the past five years and this has been possible because of the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) bias. Also, the Nasdaq-100 doesn't include financial companies so was spared from the financial meltdown.

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