Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ:LSCC) has updated revenue guidance for its current fourth quarter, the company announced in a press release Wednesday. It now expects revenue in the quarter will decline by 6%-8% from Q3. Previously, the company had anticipated either a drop or gain of around 2%.

The revised guidance would put Q4's top line at $65.2 million-$66.6 million. Lattice reported Q3 revenues of $70.9 million.

The company said it is maintaining its existing guidance on gross margin percentage and total operating expenses. The former is expected to come in at around 53% plus or minus two percentage points; the latter, $43 million (including roughly $5.5 million for restructuring charges).

Lattice's fourth quarter will close on Dec. 29. It said the revised guidance reflects "weakness in the communications market combined with continued weakness in the worldwide distribution channel."


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