The Best of 2012 #9: Hemispherx BioPharma

Hemispherx is up 295% year to date over excitement about its resubmission of its chronic fatigue syndrome drug, which lands the company at #9 on our list of the best healthcare performers of 2012.

Dave Williamson
Dave Williamson and Max Macaluso
Dec 13, 2012 at 5:35PM
Health Care

It's the end of 2012, and that means that it's time to take a look back at the year in retrospect. We'll be reading through the naughty and nice list (we've already checked it twice), and counting down the 25 best-performing stocks, and the 25 worst-performing stocks, in the health-care sector this year.

In this segment, Motley Fool health-care analysts David Williamson and Max Macaluso take a look at #9 on the nice list, Hemispherx BioPharma (NYSEMKT:HEB), and how this company left investors with more than a little something extra in their stockings this year.